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My volleyball record

Since both my parents like volleyball, I got into touch with it at a very young age. Around the time I turned 14 years old I joined the local volleyball club VC‑Gleisdorf in an Austrian town called Gleisdorf. There I learned lots of basic volleyball skills and the field system. One year later I became part of the club’s women team. But this team disbanded three years later. In summer 2014 I joined the SSV HIB Liebenau club from Graz, Austria. There I enhanced my knowledge and skills. Right now I am studying a year abroad in Kobe, Japan, and joined here the Kobe University Women Volleyball Club.

I played with VC Gleisdorf from Summer 2008 until 2011. We started the season 2008/2009 in the lower division 2nd league (2. Landesliga) and succeeded in getting a place in the lower division 1st league (1. Landesliga) for the next season. During 2009/2010 we struggled a lot, but we managed to stay in the upper league. In 2010/2011 we got a new coach and new motivation. That season we got first place of the lower division 1st league. Unfortunately, after this year some members left the club and we had no longer enough members to continue.

My team disbanded around the same time I graduated from high school. This saved me the trouble of commuting between university in Graz and training in Gleisdorf. Still, I was to lazy to look for a team in Graz. Instead I participated in some volleyball activities of my university and joined the once a week alumni volleyball of my high school. But eventually I grew tired of it. I like club volleyball with proper training and game tactics and matches better than hobby volleyball. I started to say “I have a hate-love relationship with volleyball.” because I really love volleyball, but at the same time I hated playing with “weak” people. I even tried a mixed volleyball club (men and women on a team), but this was also not to my liking.

In summer 2014 I got recruited by Franz Hölzl from SSV HIB Liebenau to join one of their teams. A lot of new members joined the SSV HIB Liebenau 4 team for that season. We got along from the start. Like with VC Gleisdorf, we started in the lower division 2nd league and got into the lower division 1st league for the next season. I started to love volleyball from the bottom of my heart again, the hate was gone. The year 2015/2016 challenged me in team management. Even though I was hesitant in the beginning, I took the chance to become the team’s captain. During this year I have learned a lot about team management, communication, motivation, and myself.

In October 2016 I went to Kobe, Japan, to study abroad. A challenge I want to take and a chance I cannot let pass. Here I joined the Kobe University Women Volleyball Club. I am not allowed to participate in matches because I am an exchange student, but joining their training is already a great experience. And unlike in Austria, we train four times a week where one time is on Saturday. So volleyball still dominates my life, even in Japan.

Field positioning cheatsheet

Together with Lukas I created a cheatsheet for volleyball positioning.

Follow us

Feel free to follow my Japanese team and my Austrian club. My Austrian team's name is SSV HIB Liebenau 4 and you can see their progress in the lower division 1st league on the Styrian Volleyball Association website.